Earn your Associates in Hendersonville, NC, on Fruitland’s campus, which has been considered the “holy hill” since its founding in 1946.

Fruitland offers it’s Associates in Religion/Christian Ministries fully online for students who cannot attend on campus.

Fruitland’s Certificate in Ministry Essentials is a twenty-week, all online (with the exception of one in person class) program for those who are busy, but feel the call to fill a vacant pulpit.

Fruitland offers it’s Christian Ministries certificate program for Montagnard students at satellites campuses located across North Carolina.

Fruitland’s associate degree, as well as other certificates, are available fully in Spanish. These classes are hosted on the main campus, online, and at other satellite campuses located across North Carolina.

Fruitland is not just for pastors...

Fruitland’s Associate Degree exists to glorify God, serve the local church, and fulfill the Great Commission, by developing Christian leaders who think biblically, communicate the gospel effectively, and serve in Christ’s kingdom with godly character, competence, and commitment.

Christianity is being challenged on every front and in every arena of life. Fruitland’s 2-year Associates Degree in Religion is designed to prepare students to defend the Gospel of Christ in America’s increasingly diverse religious and philosophical  context.  Students learn foundational truths of the Bible in contrast to non-Biblical worldviews.

Every Christian is a minister and every Christian should prepare to communicate the gospel wherever God has placed them, whether in a church ministry context, teaching in a Christian school, stay-at-home-mother or even and especially secular employment!

Frequently Asked Questions

To the right are several frequently asked questions. For more information, refer to Fruitland’s Handbook.

The academic policies of the school are established by the administration with the agreement of the Board of Directors. These policies are administered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The school reserves the right to change these policies as the administration deems necessary. Any changes will be publicized as much as possible. Usually students graduate under the policies published in the catalog when they enrolled.

Fruitland is dedicated to providing Christian training for each student regardless of academic background. The goal is to assist each student in moving forward academically, spiritually and practically toward a more effective ministry. A total of 125 credit hours are required for graduation.

Each quarter consists of 10 weeks of classes. The regular schedule is seven weeks of school, one week off for evaluation and three weeks of school to finish the quarter. This usually allows for a break of two weeks before the beginning of another quarter (consult the annual calendar for exceptions). The course of study involves a prescribed curriculum with no electives. A full-time student may finish the course in eight quarters covering a period of two years.

Each student’s academic work is evaluated using a numerical scale and reported to the Administrative Office. The following scale is used:

  • A – (95-100)
  • B – (86-92)
  • C – (76-85)
  • D – (70-75)
  • F – (below 70)

Transfer credit from another institution may be granted, provided the student submits a transcript and provides a description of the courses for which credit is sought, preferably a catalog from the other school. Courses for which credit is given must be parallel to courses at Fruitland.

A minimum grade of “C” is required for credit on courses transferred. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will make the evaluation. The student will be exempted from courses for which transfer credit is granted. A minimum of four quarters of work must be done at Fruitland to qualify for graduation. Correspondence work is not accepted for transfer credit.

Transcripts of credit earned at Fruitland are sent upon written request. The cost for a transcript is $5. A correct mailing address must be provided. All financial obligations must be satisfied before a transcript will be sent.

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