Dr. David horton

Meet the President

Welcome to the Fruitland Baptist Bible College website! I hope you will spend some time here considering the many ways in which Fruitland desires to assist you in training for a lifetime of service to God. Since 1946, FBBC has been dedicated to the purpose of equipping adults who are called to church related vocations. Fruitland graduates are serving both nationally and internationally as they change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fruitland has an established reputation for training ministers in expositional preaching. Graduates of Fruitland leave this school with an undeniable passion for God and an indisputable passion for preaching God’s Word. But preaching is not all we equip students to do. Whatever your course of study, you will find your educational experience at Fruitland to be intellectually stimulating and intensely practical.

When you begin a journey to a particular destination, the first steps you take are often the most important. Why not take your first steps of ministerial training with us here at Fruitland? Over the next few years it will be our pleasure to assist you in taking some giant steps for God! I look forward to seeing you at Fruitland!


– Dr. David B. Horton, President of Fruitland Baptist Bible College